Japanese Railways LEGO promotional sets

This post serves to document the six promotional LEGO sets released in Japan in 2022. They were part of a stamp rally celebrating the JR East 150th anniversary.

Update: 8 February, 2024: These sets are rumored to have started to show up elsewhere, e.g. the Wooden Duck in a Danish toy store in 2024. So they cannot in general be considered Japan exclusive sets.

Please note that these sets seem to be identical to the small builds found in LEGO set 11021.

I do not have full details on all six sets because I have only found three of them. For the other three I only have part of the set name taken from photos available eBay and from a Japanese flea market web site.

The sets are:

6422232: Wooden Duck (also rumored to have shown up as a Danish toy store promo in 2024)
6422233: Royal Carriage*
6422234: Fabuland Elephant
6422235: Galaxy Explorer
6422236: Police Station
6422237: Pineapple ???

* = name is guessed from partial name and model look.

For documentation purposes, I save the two photos here (I was not able to obtain permissions from the owners of the photos). If you know more about these sets, don’t hesitate to comment here. 🙂

I have made some 3D renders of three the sets I have found:

Last image is not a complete render like the others (MecaBricks render is down).

Instructions (click for lage image):

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